Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is _ao_ao_ing ensemble?
A: It’s a collective.

Q: How many ppl are in _ao_ao_ing?
A: It started as three, and then it got to five, and then it fixed at six. After that it got a bit complicated. Sometimes it’s four and sometimes it’s three. So we’d say it’s an unguaranteed six.

Q: Where is _ao_ao_ing based?
A: It is based in Shanghai, China, but our members spread across continents. Up till now, our members are living and working in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Amsterdam and sometimes Los Angeles.

Q: What does the name “_ao_ao_ing” mean?
A: The ensemble’s name in Chinese is actually 老妖精 (lao yao jing). However, we have a lot of trouble translating the words into English, as there is no equivalence of 妖精 (yao jing) in the language. So we just took the failure of translation in, and took the consonants of the words out (laoyaojing -> _ao_ao_ing).

Q: How to pronounce it?
A: Like biting an apple: ao, ao, ing. (We would love it too if you learn the Chinese name instead:  老妖精 lao yao jing)

Q: How do I contact the group?
A: There are many ways to make friends with us. You can shoot us an email if you want to be more proper (︎ ssssss@aoaoing.com), or if you want to just chill with us, look for us on instagram  ( ︎  @_ao_ao_ing). We are also on Chinese social media (︎ wechat public account: 老妖精ssssss) but sometimes we don’t received messages there.

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