Here They Wu-er

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Suzhou and Shanghai are closely neighbouring, with similar dialects and customs, and mutual “elsewhere” within touch for one another.
Here They Wu-er continues the exploration of the Tourists Like Us series by _ao_ao_ing ensemble that focuses on topics around migration and mobility. With researches through specific historical records, personal accounts, and field works, it tries to invite the participants to take up the role of “tourists”, so as to gaze their own position in spacetime, and reflect on the taken-for-granted in contemporary urban life. The work is initiated by July from Suzhou, based on the traces of the Wu-ers’ life and trade in Shanghai according to the Catalogue of Stores and Streets in Shanghai (published in 1939 and modified in 1947), and supported by a thorough research. Via the chasing, representation, adaptation, and appropriation of traces from the old times, and combining real-life personal accounts, it creates scenes where the historical and the contemporary, the past and the present, the imagined and the real interweave.

City Walk & Audio Tour
Time: 2019 - 2021
Place: Fuzhou Road, Shanghai

Part of “Our Places”, Shanghai Biennial “City Project” Achievement Showcase
Time: 8-17 March 2019
Venue: 5D Space, Power Station of Art (200 Huayuan Gang Road)

City Walk & Audio Tour with 54Traveler
Time: May 2022 - March 2021
Place: From the west section of Fuzhou Road to People’s Square

IV. Part of "Close up: 100 Moments for a Better China" by the Reasearch Institute of Beautiful China Initiative
Time: July 2022
Venue: International Design Museum of China, China Academy of Art


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