Hi! Hi! Hi!

Commissioned by Power Station of Arts for
Shanghai Waves Historical Archives and Works of Shanghai Biennale

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Hi! Hi! Hi! is a performance project for the Shanghai Waves Historical Archives and Works of Shanghai Biennale at the Power Station of Art. Starting from the research of the museum's audience, through a series of field interviews and workshops in the museum, _ao_ao_ing invited people in the museum who are not artists, including fans of the Shanghai Biennale, volunteers and security guards, to participate in the creation.

The entrance to the secret dance set within an unopen fire passage within the art museum

As a result, Hi! Hi! Hi! is an open and private "silent" ball on that day. The ball emerged in the museum along with the visitors , and found another way to interpret the exhibition while keeping the protocol of silence intact. The passive act of viewing was transformed into an native action, where the viewer turned into the performer, re-examining the relationship of viewing in this space. Through a series of actions, the existing power hierarchy in the space was disturbed, and the multiple invisible rules between the artist and the audience were re-examined, exposing the relationship between art viewers, art volunteers, contemporary art venues, and contemporary art is re-examined.

In such a "ball", there was no distinction between audience and performer, nor between art and non-art, but only the doers and the feelers. As long as they entered this space, they all were the protagonists of this ball.

Photos from the first and last performances


_ao_ao_ing ensemble (Eva LOU, LIN Cuixi, Danteng FANG, Selena LU)

Co-creating Participants

First performance: Jin Jiehua, Tang Xiaoling, Dongdong, Brother Gou, Qiangwei, Emily, Mea, Mea's Mom

Second performance: Beita, Dongdong, Brother Gou

Third performance: Jin Jiehua, Tang Xiaoling, Dongdong, Beita, Dai Jici

Music Support: Xiaolaba


Three performances held respectively on
2020.8.29 / 2020.9.19 / 2020.10.1

@ Power Station of Arts (Shanghai)


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