Murder of a Pomegranate

#participatory performance #food

Murder of a … is a series of interactive works about food and contemporary life. Every time, the creation chooses one kind of fresh seasonal food as its core material and theme, to contemplate and question our highly artificial/industrialised/commercialised daily experience. To “murder” is to utilise and consume the edible material in various ways, and the make-believe process is a joke insinuated with violence. The series attempts to cut in via such tension and anatomise our taken-for-granted experience, and usually, with parody and appropriation, it adjusts to each specific site and space, integrates scene setting and audio-visual contents, and becomes live performances and activities the public can participate profoundly.
25 October 2019
Happenings CVS(254 Daxue Rd., Shanghai)

27 October 2019
NMG(300-2 Yunjin Rd., Shanghai)


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