Weekly Scratch

Five Theatrical Shows
Five Urban Strikes

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The “Weekly Scratch” series is an artistic challenge launched by _ao_ao_ing at the end of 2018: to openly call for artists to create five draft performances in different public spaces in the city, each made from scratch within six days. The challenge lasted for five consecutive weeks and happened in five different locations. In every Wednesday evenings, the audience witnessed a live performance and join the creative panel afterwards with the artists.

"Weekly Scratch" is not only the first time that _ao_ao_ing started experimentation in the form of collective creation, but also planted the seed of making embedded site-specific performances. With intimacy, audience participation and multi-media performance, we invited the audience to join us on a journey to reflect on our daily life.

1933 Rehearsal Space, Annata Vintage Shop, Dinghaiqiao District (Already demolished), V-Spot Sex Toy Shop, ExtraTime Multi-Media Cafe

Co-creating artists

LIN Cuixi, Selena LU, Meiyue XIAO, Eva LOU, July YANG, YANG Kun, Jessica LU,

ZHANG Yuan, HUANG Zhihao, Guaiwu, Yihong, Rae XU, Quentin HE, Yiren ZHAO, Xing XING, LUO Zha, GAO Xu and more


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