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Annata is a performance project inspired by the culture of drag, and born out of a private bedroom shared by five girls. They commit themselves to the act of "dragging up" and "putting on a drag show", addressing and reclaiming the loss from their formative years.

During the making of Annata, using autobiographic materials, the artists did not hesitate in dissecting their own life experiences as young women. They searched deep into their personal and perhaps collective history, accessing their subconsciousness and hidden desires. In a way, Annata is a metaphor for the state of the ensemble, a group that lives and creates together in their own space in a city that is commercial, stimulating, voyeuristic and easily forgetful. Annata envelopes a dream-like world of performativity, of spectatorship and of censorship that they actually deals with in their professional and daily life.

In this not-really Drag show, every gig is doomed to be a failed one. Yet on this stage, "failure" as an act of rebellion, is accepted and even celebrated. Beneath the forever heavily painted faces and multifarious gigs are their suppressed desires, ineffable anxieties — the brutal and honest portraits of their adolescent selves. In Drag, the suppressed, crucified, and erased sense of self, is released and relives again.

Each Annata show, happened in drastically different locations, created its own scene. These scenes together created a unique yet coherent sense of space. From the artists' own apartment, to the cabaret theater, to a carava on the road, each new space becomes a part of the girls' story. Every time Annata sets foot somewhere, a dreamy distortion occurs. After the show, the audience members will join the cross-dressing party. At the end of each performance, an audience member will be invited to be the guest "drag queen" for the next day's show.
November 21st 2018
@ Annata Vintage Store, Shanghai

May 30th - June 1st 2019
@ the private livingroom of our apartment, Shanghai

June 9th 2019 @ a caberet theatre The Pearl, Shanghai

June 10th - 20th 2021
@ a caravan on the beach of Qinhuangdao, Hebei

October 29th - 31st 2021
@ a tent on the grass at a outdoor vintage market, Hangzhou

November 6th 2021 @ a shopping mall after business hour, Hangzhou


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